Payment Terms for Working With Us

Payment Terms for Our Services

At Themis, we like to feel that the most important thing is that you receive value for money and a job well done and within the timescales agreed at outset.

At your initial meeting, your Planner will clearly explain to you how much the advice will cost if you choose to proceed with the service. Together with you they will agree how you will pay for it. This could be by a set fee, paid upfront by you or you may be able to agree that your adviser takes the fee from the sum that you invest. Your financial adviser fee could be charged as:

  • an hourly rate
  • a set fee according to the work involved
  • or a percentage of the money invested

We would always discuss these remuneration options with you beforehand to agree on the best way forward and no charges for fees will be made without prior notification in writing.

For the ongoing advice process there is an adviser charge taken, this is discussed ahead of working with you and the arrangement can be terminated by the adviser or client at any time.