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Enriching the Lives of our Valued Families – Where Future and Finance Come First.

At Themis we know that life is not a dress rehearsal.  When you work with us on organising and planning your finances, our goal is to support you to make the most of life – now, while you still can.  We want to help you live your best life, not just to get a better return on your investments.

Whoever we work with, our clients’ lives are at the very heart of every conversation.  Yes, we will be helping look after your money, but your money is not the sole focus.  We want YOU to get the most out of your life and investments, to achieve all that you wish to.

Named after Themis (pronounced Themm-Is), the Greek Titaness known as a “Lady of good counsel”, we put our focus on communication, listening to and understanding your individual needs, rather than pushing you towards particular products.  Products like investment portfolios, pension plans and cashflow planning software are important, but they are tools to get the job done – the job itself is making your life better, your way.

Working with Themis, you can relax and trust that every piece of advice, every plan and every product, will have your life at the heart of it. As Independent Financial Planners, we can choose any product from within the market, so will choose the best one for you. This is recognised by the fact that we are Chartered Financial Planners and have won multiple awards for our work.

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Kate Wins Role Model of the Year
Personal Finance Awards Winner
Qualified Member of Personal Finance Society
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Kate Gannon - Themis Wealth Management

Meet Kate Gannon

Kate was named Chartered Financial Planner of the Year 2016 at the Personal Finance Society awards, which is the highest accolade given to a Financial Planner in the UK. Working in Financial Services since leaving school, Kate takes a Life Planning approach with her clients and specialises in Wealth Management.

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What Our Clients Say…

Kate brings a wealth of detailed knowledge and caring personality to an important subject for clients.

Kate however approaches the subject in a really personal way and finds out about the client, their life, their plans and their financial needs. This leads what she does rather than just looking at the products.

Definitely recommend speaking with her to see for yourself.

My wife and I have been ably guided by Kate Gannon of Themis around the intricacies of domestic financial planning from the company’s outset.

Kate has provided excellent value for money for our investments. We get home visits with a friendly approach and Kate is always available by phone or email for any queries. We have had Five Star service and would thoroughly recommend Themis to prospective clients.