About Themis Wealth Management

Who are Themis?

Themis is a trading name of Gannon Wealth Management Ltd and was proud to become directly authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority in 2020.

Kate Gannon, the founder of Themis, felt that it was time after 31 years in the profession to take the final step in setting up her own company and be fully in control of its destiny and the proposition it provides its clients.

Recognised for her knowledge and professionalism throughout her career, Kate won the highest award possible in the financial services profession for an individual in 2016, as Chartered Financial Planner of the Year from the Personal Finance Society. Previous awards include Achiever of the Year and Multi Tied Female Financial Planner of the Year in 2006.  Read our blog post about Chartered Financial Planner Status to understand more about what that means.

Kate is joined by Business Manager, Lucy Opie, who keeps everything in order.

We love to listen and make a difference, building a plan which moves with you and your life stages.

We will be there to ensure that you can get on with living your life to the full, whilst we take the pressure away. We will  build and monitor a plan to future proof your and your families needs and ensure that you continue doing what you want to do with your lives, wherever possible.

We want every client to achieve their life goals, backed up by a thoughtful, flexible and professional individual financial plan.

Why “Themis”?

Themis was an ancient Greek Titaness. She is described as “the Lady of good counsel” and seen as the personification of divine order, fairness, law, natural law and custom. Her symbols are the Scales of Justice, tools used to remain balanced and pragmatic.

To the ancient Greeks she was originally the organiser of the “communal affairs of humans”. Some classical representations of Themis showed her holding a sword, believed to represent her ability to cut fact from fiction

The ability of the goddess Themis to foresee the future enabled her to become one of the Oracles of Delphi, which in turn led to her establishment as the goddess of divine justice.

We like to think her balance, fairness, pragmatism and organisational skills match up well to our aims as financial planners.

If you were able to have someone tell you what would happen in the future or give you advice on what to do to get a certain outcome, would you?